Can He Score – Sucker For Soccer

Can he score has Benson here today with us and she ends up sucking and getting fucked by Vance. Benson is a new star in the porn industry but she’s done an amazing job until this point. Vance wanted to meet her so we set them up in a date to see how a date with a porn star can go. The curvy babe met him at the field and decided started their date with a soccer game. The rules were simple if he gets a goal he strips and if she misses she strips.

Let’s say things went pretty well between them. They both ended up naked and then continued the fun in the locker room. Vance sure loved getting his cock sucked and then having Benson riding it, so don’t miss it out. If you want more amazing scenes you must check out for more hot babes getting banged in public. That’s all for today enjoy it and see you guys later with more!

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